Saturday, January 1, 2011

HF s100 w/35mm adapter and Rig

This is my DIY rig for my hf s100. All part consist of:
Canon vixia Hf S100
32gb class 6 SDHC card
ProAm 7" On-Camera LCD Video Monitor Kit
Canon 35mm Lens
2 Canon Macro Extension Tube
Shotgun Microphone
Zip Tie
58mm Step Up Ring Set
Close-Up Macro Filter Set

I like the monitor because i don't have to flip the screen itself. I just use the setting in the monitor menu to flip and also do a mirror flip. I dont use a ground glass what so ever. I just use a 4 set of close up macro filter and with the right length from the 35mm lens and the camcorder. It will work.


  1. can you post the instructions on how you built this.. Love the Rig dude!

  2. Hello, i realy like this kit you made, can you put the build up instructions? I am in a realy run to improove an 35mm adapter to my canon vixia.
    many thanks, Yuri from Brazil

    here are my youtube channel!